Friday, 28 November 2014

Most Visited Country In Africa.

This was announced by the World Tourism Organization, that Africa enjoys 55.7 million each year. Africa seems to be enjoying a massive boost in terms of tourism sector more than any other continent with an equal economy and culture.I want to key out one of the top leading country in attracting tourists in Africa.

Morocco-: In 2013 which is just last year, Morocco saw a very alarming 10 million international tourists arrive in their beautiful Nation, more than any other year. Been a North African Mountainous Country with both a very huge Atlantic and Mediterranean coastlines, there is a lot of activities as a tourist will be engaged on.

Having seen several civilizations pass through, each of it left a mark that plays a huge role in the attraction of the tourists from all over the world. Among many other things, a visit to morocco will expose one to an amazing architecture, great food and music among many other things.
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