Friday, 28 November 2014

Most Visited Country In Africa.

This was announced by the World Tourism Organization, that Africa enjoys 55.7 million each year. Africa seems to be enjoying a massive boost in terms of tourism sector more than any other continent with an equal economy and culture.I want to key out one of the top leading country in attracting tourists in Africa.

Morocco-: In 2013 which is just last year, Morocco saw a very alarming 10 million international tourists arrive in their beautiful Nation, more than any other year. Been a North African Mountainous Country with both a very huge Atlantic and Mediterranean coastlines, there is a lot of activities as a tourist will be engaged on.

Having seen several civilizations pass through, each of it left a mark that plays a huge role in the attraction of the tourists from all over the world. Among many other things, a visit to morocco will expose one to an amazing architecture, great food and music among many other things.
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African Countries Free From Ebola.

At some time back in the last 5 or so months, there have been a lot of loss in the tourism sector with everyone who travels scared of going no where. Kenya was on of the most affected and I was just as affected as any other person who relies mostly in the tourism sector.

                                  Above:        Ebola affected patient with a swollen hand

Although Kenya and many other regions have been free from the deadly desease, no one was willing to take the risks and visit any place or any country in Africa. Now i just want to key out some of the free from Ebola Countries where anyone can visit now going a head as we aproach Christmas.
                                         Above: A man dies from Ebola Virus

Botswana- On 12 August, they banned anyone coming in from Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Nigeria. This was due to seriousness of the desease and to be careful not to at any point get it in their Nation.

Cameroon- They reopened their borders on 17 September to travelers from Senegal and on 31 Oct reopened them to travelers from Nigeria. An 18 August ban remains in place on travel from Guinea, Liberia as well as Sierra Leone.

Kenya- Due to reports that there was an Ebola outbreak in Uganda, Kenya closed their bounders at Trans Nzoia on 10th August. Later on 19th Kenya Authorities suspended anyone traveling  from and through Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone to the nation.

Chad, Ivory Coast,Cape Verde, Gabon, Zambia, Namibia, Rwanda, Mauritius, Senegal, South Africa, South Sudan and Seychelles are some of the other safe from Ebola countries that were very careful in making sure that none of their citizens get affected.

Lets be careful and report any kind of Ebola related sickness that you come across to the nearest health centers.
                                   Dead Woman From Bleeding Due To Ebola Virus.
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Thursday, 27 November 2014

Why Tourists Like Mombasa.

Whenever anyone hears the name Mombasa, nothing else comes in their mind but beautiful beaches and amazing monkeys and coconuts baked and cooked meals. At least to every local tourist in the country. Mombasa is again known from its selflessness of people all over the region especially in South Coast where almost everyone works and depends on tourism and all that it brings.
One will ask themselves why many people choose to tour ay Mombasa and not other places like Nairobi which is the capital City of Kenya. This is simply it, in UK, US and Canada where we get most of the tourists from, they experience a prolonged winter climate. Mombasa really never experiences such. It is one of the hottest places in the region and in Africa at large.
Th climate is very friendly and so is the people of Mombasa.You will go to the place where you are most needed, most welcomed and appreciated as a tourist. That place will with no doubt be Mombasa. Snorkeling and diving in the most deepest parts of the sea is another reason. Wasini island as the best example of these places where tourists never get enough of been.
Best adventures in Kenya got to be Diving, Snorkeling and world life watching. this is all what i want to include in my up coming website that i will use to host, guide and help all tourists  who want to visit Kenya either from abroad or within the region as well as local Kenyans Tourists.

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Arsenal Fans We Are Helpless This season

n Arsenal fan folks isn't it? I have been hoping that maybe something strange like sacking Arsene Wenger was going to happen but it looks like Wenger is the boss of himself. He does what he wants, how he wants it and when he wants it done. If he wants to lose against all the clubs top rivals, then he will just do that and e comfortable at 8th position of the league.

Now tonight in just about an hour, Arsenal will be hosting German side Borossia Dortmund at Emirates Stadium. Just four days after the tregic lose to United at home again, can Arsenal redeem themselves today and win three points against Jurgen Kloops team?

My very honest opinion, I do not have any hopes of winning. If we could not win against poor United, there is simply almost no chance on winning against last years Uefa Champi
ons League Finalists. I will watch the game as a gunner and a huge Arsenal fan I am. All i want is for the team to prove me wrong.

Wrong Perceptions About Kenya Tourism Sector.

I wish I was a professional writer to put this post in a more of a professional way, maybe that way both international and local tourists who may read it will understand it better and realize that Kenya is very safe and very calm for anyone willing to have some holiday break in Africa.

We have had terror threats and a lot of killing especially in North Eastern and Nairobi regions in the last few months, things have been getting better with our security still finding and prosecuting those Al shabaab militants responsible.

I wan to put this inn caps, KENYA IS FREE FROM EBOLA. We have never had anyone suffering from this dangerous virus or whatever it is, we have had proper monitors and ways of checking everyone coming in our country, screening for Ebola and making sure the country is way safe.

I am in South Coast Mombasa, this is probably the most beautiful and safest place to be. Everywhere in hotels, apartments and cottages is safe in Mombasa, this is the same in the World life Safaris and traveling choppers as well as buses used by our tourists and visitors. But i would urge anyone willing to travel to Africa and Especially to Kenya to feel secured and cared for.

I am welcoming everyone and just as I am not having a website to host and have a clear guiding site, I am very close to many people who manage these hotels and beach cottages and apartments for couples and groups as well as families willing to travel to Kenya Mombasa.

All you have to do is mail me on or and we will have everything planned with the best quotation and set plan for a holiday that you will never forget.

God bless you all.

Samson Lulii Mwendwa

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

She Gave Birth To Tripletes Unexpectendly.

To any woman out there, her happiness is when she gives birth to a healthy baby with no complications and with no problem encountered. Now this was just half of what happened to one Wambui from Murang'a county here in Kenya. She gave birth to three children, all in a good shape and very healthy. This is a good news and more so some blessings yeah?

To her, this is just one hell of a challenge because she was not expecting this to happen. She was not attending any of the pregnancy clinics and so she was unaware of what she was expecting. She said that this pregnancy just felt like the other ones that she has had, she is a mother of 5 now because she had two before giving birth to these three angels.

This is just one problem that women in some rural areas are facing right now, funny how Kenyans we can be. Ignorance but always we get caught in the problems like this without realizing.


Born and raised in the village (Mwingi), studied my primary school in the same environment but went to high school in one of the most beautiful place in Kenya, Mombasa-South Coast in a beautiful place called Ukunda. I love fun and everything that it brings along. This is the reason why I am trying to get a website of my own and have it set in a way that can show our loving tourists and everyone who likes to travel to Africa just why they need to visit Kenya and more so Mombasa South Coast.
At Coral Beach Mombasa