Tuesday, 25 November 2014

She Gave Birth To Tripletes Unexpectendly.

To any woman out there, her happiness is when she gives birth to a healthy baby with no complications and with no problem encountered. Now this was just half of what happened to one Wambui from Murang'a county here in Kenya. She gave birth to three children, all in a good shape and very healthy. This is a good news and more so some blessings yeah?

To her, this is just one hell of a challenge because she was not expecting this to happen. She was not attending any of the pregnancy clinics and so she was unaware of what she was expecting. She said that this pregnancy just felt like the other ones that she has had, she is a mother of 5 now because she had two before giving birth to these three angels.

This is just one problem that women in some rural areas are facing right now, funny how Kenyans we can be. Ignorance but always we get caught in the problems like this without realizing.


  1. Serves her right. Why would one skip the clinics in this era? The clinics are free and there is no excuse for not attending one.

    1. Yeah I am just full of pity with tripletes she is going to have an Harambee to help her

  2. Replies
    1. people will probably learn from that, but then this will not be known all over the villages in the country.