Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Wrong Perceptions About Kenya Tourism Sector.

I wish I was a professional writer to put this post in a more of a professional way, maybe that way both international and local tourists who may read it will understand it better and realize that Kenya is very safe and very calm for anyone willing to have some holiday break in Africa.

We have had terror threats and a lot of killing especially in North Eastern and Nairobi regions in the last few months, things have been getting better with our security still finding and prosecuting those Al shabaab militants responsible.

I wan to put this inn caps, KENYA IS FREE FROM EBOLA. We have never had anyone suffering from this dangerous virus or whatever it is, we have had proper monitors and ways of checking everyone coming in our country, screening for Ebola and making sure the country is way safe.

I am in South Coast Mombasa, this is probably the most beautiful and safest place to be. Everywhere in hotels, apartments and cottages is safe in Mombasa, this is the same in the World life Safaris and traveling choppers as well as buses used by our tourists and visitors. But i would urge anyone willing to travel to Africa and Especially to Kenya to feel secured and cared for.

I am welcoming everyone and just as I am not having a website to host and have a clear guiding site, I am very close to many people who manage these hotels and beach cottages and apartments for couples and groups as well as families willing to travel to Kenya Mombasa.

All you have to do is mail me on or and we will have everything planned with the best quotation and set plan for a holiday that you will never forget.

God bless you all.

Samson Lulii Mwendwa

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