Thursday, 27 November 2014

Why Tourists Like Mombasa.

Whenever anyone hears the name Mombasa, nothing else comes in their mind but beautiful beaches and amazing monkeys and coconuts baked and cooked meals. At least to every local tourist in the country. Mombasa is again known from its selflessness of people all over the region especially in South Coast where almost everyone works and depends on tourism and all that it brings.
One will ask themselves why many people choose to tour ay Mombasa and not other places like Nairobi which is the capital City of Kenya. This is simply it, in UK, US and Canada where we get most of the tourists from, they experience a prolonged winter climate. Mombasa really never experiences such. It is one of the hottest places in the region and in Africa at large.
Th climate is very friendly and so is the people of Mombasa.You will go to the place where you are most needed, most welcomed and appreciated as a tourist. That place will with no doubt be Mombasa. Snorkeling and diving in the most deepest parts of the sea is another reason. Wasini island as the best example of these places where tourists never get enough of been.
Best adventures in Kenya got to be Diving, Snorkeling and world life watching. this is all what i want to include in my up coming website that i will use to host, guide and help all tourists  who want to visit Kenya either from abroad or within the region as well as local Kenyans Tourists.

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